I'm sure you must have a lot of questions.

This is quite a place.

The bus ride made her feel so sick that she began to vomit.

What does catachresis mean?


She filled her bag with apples.

Do you work on Sundays?

I do not believe that God exists.

Did Hirotoshi tell you that, too?

This is a prerequisite for participating in the competition.


Konstantinos can't describe how exciting it was.


We're going to tell Margie tomorrow.

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Why did you not tell me the truth?

Students have a holiday on Foundation Day.

Does Ravindranath know any of this?

Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees.

Is there anything that you haven't told us?

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That guitar is so expensive that I can't buy it.

Amir and Cliff pitched their tent in an empty camping spot.

You must not compare a man with a woman.

Yesterday I baked pastries with mushrooms.

This story belongs clearly to no genre.

I'm in Boston now.

Please take a rest for a few days.

I furnished him with food.

Of course, that was what Teresa was suggesting.

I went camping with my family.

We've got customers to talk to.

He has the advantage of being bilingual.

Whatever you do, don't tell Malus about what we did.


The man who she knew was wanted by the police suddenly appeared at the back door.

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He is diligent in his study.

I'll get the phone.

He's Georgian.

I saw a big dog lying in front of Mr Hill's house.

I can't show up looking like I've been working on the farm all day.

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I will show it to you.

Dan revealed himself to be a white supremacist.

They had a boy.

Butler, I'm afraid Greg hasn't been totally honest with you.

There's nothing I can do that Lana can't do.

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Keep this lesson in mind.

Marcos sometimes comes to see me.

Close the window.

He fooled her.

Do you have any money with you?

You have the right to know.

Can't this wait until things are back to normal?

I wore the earrings that you gave me for my birthday.

Indra is talented.


This dog is more attached to us than this cat.

The train is going at a speed of 50 miles per hour.

Ten years is a long time to wait.

I often visited his house.

I took a risk when I made the investment.

She was named Bennett before her wedding.

The moonlight is weak.

You have to start somewhere.

Children really like playing on the beach.

He's wearing a hat.

They made up their minds to go by car in spite of bad weather.

I am satisfied with my job.

A midnight telephone call gives us both shock and displeasure.

He brought back several souvenirs.

I want to ask Hy something.


I like the sound of that.


Lana is irritating because he always has to have his own way.

Nadeem was fed up with having to repeat himself all the time.

Edward wasn't the only one who got up early this morning.

I can't excuse his laziness.

They unloaded the ship.

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Ritalynne should've given Darin flowers or something on Valentine's Day.

Thanks to the arrangements made by Ken'ichi, the women found various places to work around town.

The holiday traffic crawled along the highway.

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My business is picking up again.


Calculating the risk which is involved in the event of failure, he demanded a show-down with the other party.

Kenneth will be arrested.

You want to hang out or something?

That was my fault.

I called him up yesterday.

Vince can swim almost as fast as I can.

I will ask him tomorrow.

Lamberto is the name of a large hotel chain.

The meal satisfied his hunger.

That's serious.

She explained a joke.


What are all those lights for?


We'll miss you terribly.

I have no idea how he escaped.

I know what they mean.

Did you know that Alex would be absent?

There have been many revolutions over the last century, but perhaps none as significant as the longevity revolution.

Don't do anything you wouldn't want to be caught dead doing.

You'll be jealous.


He's quick with his hands.

Let's see what fate has prescribed.

I want to have a part-time job, too.

Don't bite my head off.

I am categorically opposed to the company declaring bankruptcy.

I just got a call from my office.

Elliot doesn't like jazz.

We don't have a choice, do we?

Anna put his money in the bank.

Please advise us as to what topic you would like to add or delete by June 12.

I prefer quality to quantity.

She performed her daily duties without any passion.

They walked slowly towards him.

Successfully demonstrated a new product in 7 districts.

Hank won't admit it, but he's in big trouble.

Winter's coat's off.

I want to be a musician.

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It was confidential.

It really did happen just the way Barrett said it did.

He contributed fifty dollars to the project.

I looked around hoping to spot a friendly face.

I come here as often as I can.

It's necessary that you proceed there.

It's time to separate.


I need a bucket.

Looks like it ended once and for all.

I get the feeling you don't really want me to stay.

The number of fools is infinite.

Enough, stop this fight!

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You can't truly think I would do something like this, can you?

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I knew that someone would come.

Can't you tell me what it felt like?

There seems to be something wrong with our telephone.


Emina is a girl from Sarajevo.


After lunch, set out for the next destination.


Russ isn't one of our regular employees.

He does not need a wife to look after him.

This cannot be got across with words.

He's engrossed in his book.

I can't forget him.

I'm innocent.

Even though Tahsin just had his fortieth birthday, I don't think he's over the hill yet.

I've lost it.

This is a fact, not a fiction.

It feels like rain.

They believe you.

He may well be proud of his car.

We can't really discuss that.

He likes seafood.

Even Dwarfs Started Small is a 1970 film by German director Werner Herzog.

The guy in white kept on looking at you. I think he likes you.

I will meet you at three o'clock tomorrow.

A new full edition of the encyclopedia has come out.

Does Jos really want another dog?


We should be talking to him.

Am I still under arrest?

It's against the law to carry weapons.

I didn't see you come in.

Patty asked Edgar how many hours a week she spent reading.

Hand me that book, please.

Romain isn't helpless.

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We need to start winning some games.

He ruined my life.

They're Jwahar's.


Has Elizabeth said anything?

Don't you think that the taxes are too heavy in Japan?

When do you need it by?


We don't have a dog.

Swamy was admitted into the hospital.

What was there to see?

Right now I'm at the airport.

We are not alone in supporting the plan.

They wouldn't listen.

It was funny.

Lynne had the whole place to himself.

Walter spoke in an angry tone.

You can always come back here anytime you want.

We stopped talking so that we could hear the music.